Your full payment includes a $75 non refundable reservation/set up deposit. Any changes made to a reservation will require you to pay an additional non refundable deposit.


 The RESERVATION/SET-UP DEPOSIT is non-refundable. However, if you reschedule at least 2 weeks prior to your party your set-up deposit will be transferred to the new date.



You will be charged an additional CANCELLATION FEE if you fail to notify You Create Art at least 1 week PRIOR to your scheduled date. Cancellations within the week of your scheduled date (7 days prior) will create an unnecessary expense to You Create Art as we would have already purchased the supplies and materials for your party or class. The amount is based on the cost of basic party supplies and is subject to change based on the actual number of additional guests you may have.  You Create Art will attempt to fill your date and if we are successful you would not be charged the CANCELLATION FEE, if the date is NOT filled then:


The CANCELLATION FEE will be based on a 50% party rate charge:

  • For ADULT/TEEN PARTIES you will be charged a minimum of $150.00 

  • For CHILD PARTIES you will be charged a minimum of.$125.00 

  • For WATERCOLOR PARTIES you will be charged a minimum of.$100.00 

  • For CRAFT PARTIES you will be charged a minimum of.$100.00



We require a 24 hour notice to cancel your individual lesson and or mommy/daddy and me session in order to receive a full refund of your payment.


By paying for your event, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree with the terms set above, and that you understand that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION/SET-UP DEPOSIT that is used to book the date of your party, that the DEPOSIT will be used for setting-up, tearing down, and for all travel related expenses.
You are also agreeing to the CANCELLATION FEE as stated above that will be charged to your account if you cancel your party without advance notice (we would like 2 weeks notice, but this fee will only be charged if you fail to notify us at least 7 days prior to your scheduled party. In addition you are agreeing to the INDIVIDUAL LESSONS CANCELLATION POLICY stated above.

You Create Art services the West Los Angeles area. Any location farther than 15 miles from Santa Monica will not receive any discounts and may be subject to mileage fees to be charged at 57.5 cents per mile. Please discuss this prior to your party.




It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment to your guests and/or family members.  Any sustained injuries or damage to your property (furniture, tables, floor etc) is your sole responsibility. You Create Art cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury or damaged to property or equipment during your event. You Create Art and it’s employees are not responsible nor are they liable for any accidents, mishaps, injuries, broken items, stains, tears and/or allergies to products.


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