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​You Create Art helps you create memories that will last a lifetime! Bring out the inner artist in YOU in the comfort of your own home! Our paint and craft parties are perfect for family art night, birthday parties (adults and children), corporate events, team building, social events, fundraisers, showers, holiday parties, couples night and more. Our mobile art studio is designed for the novice to the expert painter or crafter. No experience Necessary!

Click on the image below to pay for your party after your party is booked.  

Kid Party

Ages 6-12

Kid Parties are designed to have fun while developing creative expression and exploration of supplies. Kids have fun painting whimsical, simple designs that are created to achieve success.  Select one of our many kid friendly designs from owls to sharks and butterflies to seahorse.  Each design was carefully selected and tested to be a fun and joyful experience for your budding artist.  Kid Parties are Instructed step by step, with plenty of help and support along the way.

Canvas Size Is 12x12. Painting Time 1.5 Hours. 30 minutes are allocated to set up and take down.

Teen Party

Ages 13-16

Teen Parties are designed for the art loving teen who want to have a good time with friends. Select one of the Teen painting images from our gallery and get ready to have a blast painting a cool hip design that is exactly what you want! Have fun with your friends painting things like flowers, mermaids, skateboard, logos or lips. Teen Parties are fun, hip and cool.  Teen Party is instructed step by step in a paint along process so you can achieve success! Canvas Sizes are 11x14 Or 14x18 Or 16x20
Painting Time 2.0 Hours. 30 minutes are allocated to set up and take down.

Adult Party

Ages 16 and Above

Adult Parties are designed for you to have a great time full of laughter, friends and fun. In the comfort of your own surroundings you and your guest will be amazed at the skill and talent that is brought forth. Adult Party painting designs range form sophisticated floral arrangements to wine glass cabernet, landscapes, animals and many more. Bring your own adult libation and let the creative juices flow!  Adult Parties are guided step by step so you can achieve a completed painting by the end of your event. Canvas Sizes Are11x14 Or 14x18 Or 16x20
Painting Time 2.0 Hours. 30 minutes are allocated to set up and take down.

Watercolor Party

For All Ages

Take a refreshing dip and book a Watercolor Party, they are a fun alternative to acrylic on canvas parties.  Watercolor Parties are for all skill levels and ages. Bring your own image or have your instrctor choose one for you.  You will have fun with your friends or family making a splash of color on watercolor paper up to 16x20.  You may choose other surfaces to paint on at an additional fee. Paint time is 1.00 hours and 30 min is for set up and take down.

Open Paint Event

2:30 hr Open Paint Event $300 up to 8 Individuals

Open Ages

Open Paint Events are for all ages, great for family paint night or sibling paint day.  Adults and kids can have fun painting together and enjoying the bonds and memories they will share having an Open Paint Event.  Have fun painting any of our whimsical, designs that are created to achieve success.  Select one of our many designs from any gallery or bring your own image.  Each design should be carefully selected and be able to be accomplished by guests at the event. Contact your booking agent to discuss image selection.  Open Paint Events are Instructed step by step, with plenty of help and support along the way.

Canvas Size is up to 16x20 and can vary by age. Painting Time 2.0 Hours. 30 minutes are allocated to set up and take down.

Arts and Craft Party

Prices vary based on craft selected

For all Ages

Arts and Craft Party is designed for all ages and skill levels. Craft projects vary in complexity and skill level so choose wisely! Each project lists the cost per project, length of time to complete project, materials to be used, and the ages it is best suited for. All Craft projects are instructed step by step, with open creative dialogue to allow for creative expression. You will have fun with your friends or family making fun crafts projects such as bird houses, decorative boxes, wreaths, masks and much more. Craft Parties are a fun way to bring the family or friends together for creative crafting and bonding experience.

Craft Party prices vary on size of party and craft selected. Contact us for more details.

Face Painting


For All Ages

Don't want to paint, but still want to have fun?  No problem.  Add Face Painting to any party option or just on it's own and we will do the painting for you.  Kids to Adults love to have their face, hand or cheek transformed into a work of art.  Face Painting is $55/hr.  For more elaborate transformations, please consult with You Create Art and book face painting for 2.0 hours.  

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