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Let us help you create a beautiful masterpiece. Art Lessons are designed to meet you where you are artistically.  They are a fun way to learn new skills and techniques to develop your talent. Designed for all levels of experience,  learn how to use acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints, in the comfort of your own home.   Experience making basic sculptural art forms or work with a  medium that will give you the opportunity to use art as a form of healing. 

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Acrylic Painting

Slap on some Color


Have fun painting in acrylics!  They are easy to use and are a water soluble paint medium great for any textured or smooth surface. Learn how to use acrylic paints and have fun exploring painting techniques, Such as smooth blends, graphic lines, textured surfaces and more.


Make a Splash


Using watercolors is a fun and easy  translucent medium that allows for exciting bursts of color while softly blending.  Watercolor is best used on watercolor paper or watercolor canvas.  Learn how to achieve beautiful layering techniques, water over water technique, splash technique and more.


Take Home Some Art


Oil Painting

Mix it up with Meduims


We can’t all be a modern Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Oil Painting a try. All of our classes focus on the process, rather than the end result. We believe art is an inspired creation and that each piece of art created is a masterpiece. Learn how to blend, mix and work with mediums to achieve painting techniques and create your own work of art.

Explore creative ways of making functional art forms, or creating a unique form out of various types of clay.  You will learn hand building techniques, modeling ceramic clay, making hand built pottery and free form.  We Will also explore useful and fun artworks made out of polymer and air drying clays. Firing is available for an additional fee.

Therapeutic Art 

Healing Through Art


We offer therapeutic healing art lessons. Experience art making as a healing process with a trained Art Therapist. Art has been used throughout time as a cathardic healing tool to help emotional blockages.  Art can help you express in a non threatening way the emotional experiences you are going through.  Art can give you the strength to overcome difficulties and challenges you may be having.  Whether you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, art expression can help you heal and work through it.

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