Use our handy party planning checklist to help make sure that your party runs smoothly so you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

3-4 weeks before: 

  • Set a date for the party and send invitations. Ask for R.S.V.P.s so you know how many guests will attend and what supplies will need for your event.

  • Choose the painting design or craft project that you and your guests will complete.

  • Book your party on-line and use the secure payment option.


1 week before: 

  • Plan your menu. Keep it simple by including make-ahead dishes if possible, and make large batches of cocktails or serve bottles of wine for beverages. 

  • Order any themed decorations you want such as plates, napkins, tablecloths, and banners.

  • Come up with a music playlist, coordinating the music with the theme of the party if possible. Make sure you play it at a level that doesn't hinder conversation once the festivities get rolling.

  • Give the house a good cleaning!


2-3 days before: 

  • Create a detailed shopping list for food and drinks.

  • Arrange furniture so that each guest has enough room for his or her easel and or craft supplies.

  • Check your lighting. Make sure guests will be able to see to paint, blend colors and complete craft projects properly.

  • Cover floors with drop cloths so you don't have to worry about paint spills or let us know if you need us to bring them.

  • Outdoor parties are also an option if you enjoy the sunshine or have a covered area.


The day before: 

  • Shop for food and beverages. Don't forget the ice!

  • Buy flowers to help decorate.

  • Do as much prep cooking as possible.

  • Do cleaning touch-ups as needed.


1 hour before: 

  • Empty the dishwasher or trash bins so it's ready to fill quickly and easily with dirty dishes from the party.

  • Change into your party clothes.

  • Lower the thermostat so guests stay comfortable after everyone arrives.

  • Instructor will arrive within this time to set up for the event in the area you have selected.


30 minutes before: 

  • Review the painting/crafts area, make sure it is ready.

  • Light candles and turn on the music.

  • Relax! Get ready to have some fun.


We love seeing photos from You Create Art parties and classes. Please add your own pictures so that others can be inspired by your You Create Art creations and your party!  Send them to

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