Art Lesson in Oils is designed as an introduction to oil painting.  Oil is a complex medium that can be more difficult to use.  Learn how to mix oils with various mediums to create the look and texture you want.  Oils require a well ventilated room or area as many of the mediums used with oil paints may have strong odors.   Learn how to use and understand how oil paints work on stretched canvas or canvas board, wood panels or various canvas papers. Oils are an opaque medium used that has a beautiful blended look due to it's long drying time.  If you are booking an Oil Art Lesson you may consider booking several session over a period time to allow for the best drying times and the best results.  In this lesson, the student leads the way and is encouraged to explore various uses of oil paint and techniques.  Oil Art Lesson is $85/hr for one on one, addtional persons can be added for $25 per individual.

Art Lesson- Oils


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