Art Lesson with Acrylics is designed to introduce you to using acrylics as a viable medium to create various scenes.  Arcylic is an easy medium to use due to it's fast drying time, mixability with water or mediums and flexibility as it will adapt to most any surface.  Learn how to use and understand how acrylics work on stretched canvas or canvas board, wood panels or various papers. Acrylics are an opaque medium used in our step by step parties.  They can be watered down, mixed with various mediums or used in thick painterly manner to create textures.  Acrylics are great for painting crafts, as they will easily paint on almost any surface.  In this lesson, the student leads the way and is encouraged to explore various uses of acrylic paint and techniques.  Acrylic Art Lesson is $80/hr for one on one, addtional persons can be added for $25 per individual.

Art Lesson- Acrylics


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